20 Disney Memes Only Book Lovers Will Understand


Combining Disney and books makes for a magical combination.


  1. Posted by Just_Monika250, — Reply

    Any obsessive fan girl like m o i would PROUDLY stand on a podium in public, screaming about favourite characters, ships, sad things, and literally everything about all of their fandom(s) until someone has to physically stop them but ,meh, what ever works, ya know? :)

  2. Posted by Trashy_Lesbian_tm, — Reply

    Me, a Stanford Pines kinnie: McGucket is BRILLIANT! my family:...isn't he the mentally unstable old man from Gravity Falls? Me:...ok listen here you little-

  3. Posted by randomXpan, — Reply

    A few girls were talking about Jack Sparrow and after a like 5 minutes i turned around and said 'Captain Jack Sparrow' and then sat back down

  4. Posted by zoeymoon1391, — Reply

    Once at my school, the subject of dams came up, and I had to resist the urge to say “I want a dam t-shirt” (It’s a dam Percy Jackson thing.)

  5. Posted by lbieda110703, — Reply

    Oh I do NOT hide my Timothée Chalamet obsession, my whole water bottle is covered with stickers of him

  6. Posted by haley615318, — Reply

    I finally met someone that, when I made a Percy Jackson reference/joke, ACTUALLY UNDERSTOOD IT😸😸😸

  7. Posted by leahi33, — Reply

    “Make one wrong move and everyone will know”

  8. Posted by graciekachner, — Reply

    Either that or "LET IT GO!!!!" but that's just in my opinion.😁

  9. Posted by Just_a_potterhead, — Reply

    Me: WELL NOW THEY KNOOOOW LET IT GOO I seriously can't care anymore

  10. Posted by adelae0708, — Reply

    Well now they knooooooowwww

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