20 Times People On The Internet Absolutely, Completely, Totally 100% Nailed Their Response


That's how it's done.


  1. Posted by eattherude_, — Reply

    Look I start with one and then I slowly go through all stages until I’m in stage 9 and having weird philosophical discussions while gesticulating wildly

  2. Posted by caitlindaily2005, — Reply

    I've done 7 at my friends house. There was a bunch of us at her house and she didn’t have enough places to sit so I sat on the back of the chair and someone else sat on the cushion.

  3. Posted by faithanncrawford, — Reply

    Honesty I do all of them and it just depends on my mood and how much i know the person otherwise it's the 1st or 2nd if I dont know them well or they are the few ppl in my fam or friends who dont understand how insane I am

  4. Posted by Nevvvee, — Reply

    Depends how comfortable said chair is. Position may range from 1 to 9 and may make frequent adjustments every 30 seconds or so. Position 7 may be included in seating procedure if very sticky liquid is spilled on said chair.

  5. Posted by LeepFrog713, — Reply

    How is #7 relatable to so many of you?? I'd done be banished from the house if I did this at any house I'm ever allowed in?? Y'all ain't talking about the mood 6 and 8 are.

  6. Posted by katthebat198, — Reply

    Depends on whose house, what type of chair, who else is there, and what we’re actually doing. But mostly 2 or 4 unless there’s either a lot of people or only one or two people

  7. Posted by T0d0Dekuwu, — Reply

    I’m number 9 at everyone’s house I go too, Everyone calls me brave when I’m really just tired of your bullshit so I sit upside down to change the mood

  8. Posted by patomecuz2, — Reply

    i dont sit in any of those positions i like... get into the fetal position and lay down sideways😂 if thats not possible I'm definitely a 2,4,6,7 type person

  9. Posted by bigbangtanstan, — Reply

    I sit in Position 7 a good bit because I'm very short and very angry about that fact so I must loom over all others despite my added height being artificial

  10. Posted by ddiana3217, — Reply

    I’ve sat like #7 before, but it was because we had a group photo and everyone had to fit in so some sat on the top or when playing games, I’d sit like that while three were sitting normally

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