Apple products never fail to amuse us


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  1. Posted by Hollyberry99, — Reply

    Ok but the easiest thing to lose is your Nintendo ds or 3ds stylus because if you didn’t the exact right size it would just fall out

  2. Posted by fiskagirl, — Reply

    I cannot bring myself to buy AirPods for the sole fact that they are so easy to lose while being so expensive. It’s almost like Apple deliberately designed something you’d likely have to replace......

  3. Posted by BisexualOccultist, — Reply

    At the SMALL small price of crime, you can get a free, slightly used iPhone!!! Plus some AirPods that only have a LITTLE earwax stuck in them!!!! Call now, and you could win the big prize that is all the rage!!!!!

  4. Posted by ImGayDealWithIt, — Reply

    Can you imagine that in your pocket or even setting your phone down on the table or counter to look at it and how annoying it would be with that?

  5. Posted by hi_im_lee_, — Reply

    This is why I don’t like the phone/wallet thing where you phone case is a wallet too bc if someone steals your phone then they get your wallet too.

  6. Posted by SadBoiRobyn, — Reply

    I was scrolling down and saw this. From the main screen, I thought it was some sad frog creature on a phone case. The second one was it trying to get a fly

  7. Posted by Marvelcraze, — Reply

    Well if someone where to steal your phone they are also getting a free phone isn’t that what it means other than taking what isn’t yours

  8. Posted by mills8399, — Reply

    Bro I got some, and at first I was super clumsy. But now I always have them with me. They’re really nice😂 you just gotta be carful

  9. Posted by glittergoatss, — Reply

    Wow well guess what I'm cheap and I have a Motorola phone that nobody would want to steal cuz it's all scratched up sooo yah

  10. Posted by nevemail2007, — Reply

    OMG THATS SUCH A GOOD IDEA, imma get myself into a busy town centre, it’ll be easier to ship the phone out of their pocket

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