Artist Makes His Illustrations Have Their Own Light And The Result Is Incredible


It doesn't matter if you use a pencil, a crayon or the tip of your nose to create art, it is no small feat to produce something that'll knock everyone's socks off. Some artists do well with just a few tools, take for example Bulgarian illustrator Angel Ganev. Although we are sure he could make beautiful art using a variety of tools, he often chooses to create amazing pictures using pencils alone.


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    or.... just grab a paper make semi ealistic drawings add dark shades white out line and uh yellow and other yellows shaded! (BAM) , Jk it aint that easy

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    Stop. Messing. Wuth. My. Mind. 》I just reorganized my pinterest and I'd like if you check it out .v.

  3. Posted by mexipina12, — Reply

    No matter how much you ask how they did it, they won’t tell! So annoying. But I think it’s from a app.

  4. Posted by nidhi_patni13, — Reply

    Hey !! I am a new self learning artist here I would love if you check my pins that would mean a lot 💞💞

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    How do you add the light affect?

  6. Posted by sophlfiel07, — Reply

    Hey I’m trying to get 💯 followers can you guys help me out thanks

  7. Posted by exolovezyb, — Reply

    The glow in the dark is just edited from an app Called Ibis paint😊

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    How is the orange so vibrant?? Is it like Neon or smthn

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