Extra Large Rustic Wood S'mores Station, S'mores Bar, Party Station, Wedding S'mores Roasting Station, Dessert Bar


This Extra Large, rustic wood s'mores station would be a perfect item for a wedding, barbecue, party, or any special occasion that is either indoor or outdoors. This beautiful, rustic, piece is the perfect tabletop element for your party because, after all, who can resist a S'more! Simply add decorative rocks, shells or glass beads and drop in your food friendly heating elements. In the picture above, I used Sterno cans which work perfectly. This rustic farmhouse style S'mores station can fit up to 10 Sterno cans but if you are having a smaller event, you can always use that space for something else (such as more chocolate yum). The bar is finished with two heavy duty cast iron handles on both ends for easy transportation. This S'mores bar will last over the years and can be reused time and time again. Don't like S'mores? Use it for appetizers, make it a burger bar, impress your friends at a cookout or deck party. The options are endless! There are 11 compartments total. You can set your bar up in a variety of ways, but I use the compartment in the center for sterno cans, the side compartments for chocolate, the middle compartments for graham crackers/chocolate and the smallest sections in the ends for mason jars/pokers. Dimensions: *measurements include the handles. Measurements are approximations and may vary slightly based on wood availability. Our s'mores stations measure 46" long x 23" wide x 4" tall ***If you interested in a smaller size we have two smaller versions available listed here: https://www.etsy.com/listing/566896429/rustic-wood-smores-bar-station-smores https://www.etsy.com/listing/603111447/large-rustic-wood-smores-bar-station This s'mores bar is hand crafted with 100% reclaimed pine wood. It is cut, sanded and assembled by hand and preserved with all food safe materials! Please note that the tray pictured is not the one that you will be receiving. All of our products are made by hand to order. These Items are rustic meaning that there will be variations in the wood such as knots, knot holes, nails, nail holes, partially missing knots, scratches, warping, cracks, dents, or other markings that make each one of these items unique and will not affect the function of the piece and will only give it more character. Because of this, no two products will be exactly the same. Each piece in unique in its own way! *the piece does not come with the s'more fixings, the Sterno cans, mason jars or the decorative rocks.