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  1. Posted by JayFeatherxHalfMoon, — Reply

    She's so fricking adorable! I love how you pulled off that downward turned face angle, I would actually like to say that I'm really good at drawing but I can never pull that off, so props to you. Great proportions, and as @heck yea im sad said, the extra lines really do add a nice touch. You are very talented at drawing!!!

  2. Posted by nicoledelgado13103, — Reply

    Looks like their scared of the erase 😂 but this is really good

  3. Posted by musicquilt, — Reply

    The artwork is amazing

  4. Posted by ibfuller9530, — Reply

    This seems so comfortable

  5. Posted by suzu8542, — Reply


  6. Posted by FarFromSugar, — Reply

    Who is the artist

  7. Posted by sprandesu, — Reply

    hOW does it look so s m o o th???

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