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  1. Posted by maranatha7476, — Reply

    This is a man who looked much better as a cat than a human. He also looked better as a demon spawn from Hell. However, as a person Ron is a hero of mine.

  2. Posted by Liv___13, — Reply

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  3. Posted by bradycamcw, — Reply

    Not really-the cats good looking.

  4. Posted by FreedomBeliever, — Reply

    OMFG it's the original "Beast" Vincent!!! So 80's right now

  5. Posted by angelinanichols3182, — Reply

    Ron Puuuurman

  6. Posted by nordykekaren, — Reply

    But RON- this is Your Spirit-Animal- I suspect We All Have One!

  7. Posted by nannette102001, — Reply

    Na. The cat looks better and cooler. lol

  8. Posted by cbelahj, — Reply

    Is that Thanos?

  9. Posted by xXDioBrandoXx, — Reply

    on god this guy look like George from the movie rampage

  10. Posted by jkbaker5658, — Reply

    Poor cat. To have a mug like Ron's.

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